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Hello Summer 2020!

Hello everyone and welcome to Summer 2020.

Summer Solstice this year falls on Saturday, June 20 – when the UK will enjoy 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight.  Yay!  Let’s just hope it is shining!

So, we are all starting to ease lockdown and our Covid-19 cases are dipping a bit.  However, this is not a time to be complacent or reckless.  It is still going around and the risk is still there.

Gyms (and my Therapy Clinic) aren’t opened yet but I think we are all opening soon.  I am, however, am still delivering online classes.  Once we get to know the guidelines for re-opening gyms and leisure centres, I will let you know what’s happening with everything to do with me in places I teach and provide therapy.

Feel free to comment, feedback or say hello here.  If you feel to contact me privately, don’t hesitate to do so.

So for now, stay sensible!

Remember, if you feel unsure about being right, being kind is always right!