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Resurgence: An Announcement

So, I was composing a long announcement and it turned out to be so long. Hence, I’ve blogged it instead.

Last few days in July and some gyms and leisure centres were finally re-opened on 25 July in the UK.

Kentish Town Sports Centre (part of BETTER gyms), joined the nationwide phased re-opening, and have asked me to instruct some classes on their interim timetable. So, I will be teaching the following classes :PILATES 18.15H and CORE CONDITIONING 19.15H classes on TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and FRIDAYS. Now, although this is a back-to- back class, you won’t be allowed to book another class nor any activity (I.e. gym or swimming) per day. Also, there’ll be concierges and site managers guiding you from the new entrance, up until you meet me up in the studio, and allocate your workout spaces, then eventually, guide you out of the building through the designated exit, which will lock behind you.  Instructions on activities and COVID-19 protocols should be on your booking app. A max of 15 participants are allowed in the studios (well marked on the floor!).  I also encourage you to bring your own mats if you can. They have done the best they could do in accordance with the government guidelines (and more!) and going through the process, I feel quite assured in teaching. Although I know there’ll be some issues especially on the first week, the staff are ready and available when we need them. Also, make sure you read about water stations and toilet use as once you leave the studio, you won’t be allowed to come back. Also, be on time. If the class is 18.15H, we are let in at 18.15, we start at 18.25. Giving us enough time to clean our designated station areas ( it’s really massive) and leave the class just before 19.00H. I’ll then let you out of the building! You can wear all PPE by choice throughout the class. Also would like to thank this company (BETTER) as they carried on paying me throughout the lockdown and really making me feel that it is more important to take care of us instructors and their members. They sent us regular emails to keep us updated throughout lockdown. So when they offered classes to me, I just had to choose which one (I declined about 8 more classes) rather than think whether to carry on working with them or not. Their name suits them perfectly!

Virgin Active CLUBS culled a lot of classes and instructors, aiming to have world-class classes and  instructors with high ratings to continue delivering quality classes. I made the cut and have re-offered me all my Zumba classes back, with opportunity to take more classes. However, all Body Conditioning classes in Virgin Active were all removed. The CITY clubs will have a delayed opening by August whilst the rest have already re-opened, again with a modified timetable. I will update you whether I will accept these offers in the end.

With regard to Fusion Company, Tottenham Green and park Road Pools & Fitness, they have not been in touch at all with me or the other instructors on gym re-opening and not re-opened at all, except for LIDO swimming in Park Road (Crouch End).  All my queries were never returned. So…a bit lost with them.

Online Classes: they are still on! (Woohoo!) Almost all usual online classes with me are carrying on. Also looking at adding more or combining workouts. So hey, keep coming! Comment below for class suggestions as finishing the timetable soon!

With regard to my therapy clinic, I am unable to re-open my regular venue still. Although officially allowed to re-open on 13 July, my clinic is in Tottenham Green Pools & Fitness, which isn’t re-opening. Just looking and considering other alternative venues or possible home visits in the meantime. I will try again to get in touch with the centre or management to have a  less hazy restart date. So, if you have a spare garage room or commercial space for me to have for the meantime, please let me know. Also, trying to buy a new massage table and other equipments -as all my equipments remain locked in the centre! I know you are “aching” to see me!

But yes,  ZOOM classes and personal training are here to stay!  Check out my other online coaching as well.  I will be updating all my timetable, both live and online on the sidebar of my website.

This will be the year we make the most of everything and most importantly, make sure we take our own responsibilities (and wit)to stay safe and still, save lives. 

Thank you very much for all your support since and especially throughout lockdown. There were loads of proven loyalties and new friendships forged during these trying times.  I am strengthened with all your gratitude and stories inspired by all of you taking part in my online classes. My passion for this work, which I love, burns brightly.

Be Kind!

Thank you!

Again, comment and/or keep in touch!



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So indoor gyms remain closed! Following the UK announcement that some facilities and services are finally opening from 4 July, studio teaching or my massages are still off, for now!

There are simply too many things we still don’t know about Covid-19. Does it mutate? Has the weather affected or affecting it? We are learning about this disease day-by-day. So, I guess, balancing the economy and general public’s health will look like this for a while: OPEN BUT NOT QUITE YET! Although the UK lockdown was not as extreme as other countries, we still had the door chain applied and not bolted shut. Now, the easing of the lockdown, released the final constraint. However, we were always reminded not to wander off sight of the door or avoid being locked out!

Oh and the weather! You know that the weather is the topic in the United Kingdom, since erm… forever! In the last few days, we hit more than 30° C and for the UK, that is a very big deal! It’s like getting the new iPhone model or flower to a bee! We are deprived of the sun and when it comes, every square inch is filled by burnt bodies, glistening like solar panels – recharging the melanin in our skins. I, coming from a country that glorifies “pale is beautiful!” , has gone to the other side and has embraced the sun more when it is available as well.

Now, going back to Covid-19. It really hasn’t gone yet and it is likely unfortunate that someone still will get it badly, whether it’s you or a love one or a passer-by. We had a lockdown to break the chain of infection and it’s a shame to put all our collective efforts to make it go away. It’s like going on an expedition. Carefully rationing all your toils and supplies so that you can reach your destination (which we’ll pretend as Mt. Victual). Then at the very sight of the mountain, you exhaust all your supplies and do non-stop cartwheels instead! Silly isn’t it? Next thing you know, you do not have anything left and you simply won’t have the energy to go further nor retract back. Then the blame game starts! The government can only do as much and set guidelines, it’s up to each one of us on how we could use it for our own benefit. Sadly, some people love looking for loopholes and I will talk about these people again in the future.

Sacrifices are there because we know or hope that it will pay off in the end. People do get confused with it as forfeiting some privileges doesn’t mean rewarding yourself every time you do a step towards it. It is much more meaningful and sensible to reward yourself once you fulfilled what you set out to do. Then you can eat everything from Mt. Victual!

I know the sun or opening of Primark (boink!) drive people excitedly but try not to be distracted so much on what we are really trying to accomplish. You can always stand up for something but you need to make sure that the area you are standing on is also stable and free from immediate and/or long-term danger. Don’t lose your wits for some frenzy. Think of yourself and the people you interact with.

Maybe further your lockdown creativity on how to enjoy the sun a bit safer and more guilt-free! But for now, be sensible and stay safe! Health is wealth!

Remember, if you feel unsure about being right, being kind is always right!


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Hello Summer 2020!

Hello everyone and welcome to Summer 2020.

Summer Solstice this year falls on Saturday, June 20 – when the UK will enjoy 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight.  Yay!  Let’s just hope it is shining!

So, we are all starting to ease lockdown and our Covid-19 cases are dipping a bit.  However, this is not a time to be complacent or reckless.  It is still going around and the risk is still there.

Gyms (and my Therapy Clinic) aren’t opened yet but I think we are all opening soon.  I am, however, am still delivering online classes.  Once we get to know the guidelines for re-opening gyms and leisure centres, I will let you know what’s happening with everything to do with me in places I teach and provide therapy.

Feel free to comment, feedback or say hello here.  If you feel to contact me privately, don’t hesitate to do so.

So for now, stay sensible!

Remember, if you feel unsure about being right, being kind is always right!